Advisory Group

With the publication of the National Standard Practice Manual (NSPM) in May 2017, E4TheFuture — as coordinator of the NESP — convened an Advisory Committee to help guide outreach, training and dissemination of the NSPM, as well as future modifications/expansions to the manual.

Specifically, the role of the Advisory Group is to:

1. Advise on dissemination and education around use of the NSPM in states and more broadly;
2. Advise on modifications needed to improve the NSPM;
3. Review and comment on draft NSPM materials, including the forthcoming NSPM for DERs (2019-2020)

The Advisory Group includes cost-effectiveness stakeholders, and was expanded in 2019 to include representatives for a range of DERs :

Adam Cooper
Andy Satchwell
Beth Conlin
Brian Jones
Chris Porter
Cyrus Bhedwar
Dan Cross-Call
Dan Delurey
Dan Violette
Danielle Sass Byrnett
Dave Seamonds
Don Gilligan
Don Kreis
Elizabeth Titus
Gregory Dierkers
Gregory Ehrendreich
Greg Wikler
Jack Laverty
Janet Gail Besser
Jennifer Morris
Joe Cullen
Johanna Zetterberg
John Agan
John Shenot
Kara Podkaminer
Kara Saul Rinaldi
Katherine Johnson
Kelly Speakes Bachman
Lauren Gage
Marty Kushler
Mohit Chhabra
Nadav Enbar
Natalie Frick
Nick Dreher
Olivia Patterson
Paula Carmody
Phil Jones
Ric O’Connell/Taylor McNair
Rick Gilliam
Rodney Sobin
Robert Kasman/Ryan Chan
Ryan Katofsky
Sami Khawaja
Susan Stratton
Todd Bianco
Tom Stanton
Wally Nixon
Edison Foundation
Lawrence Berkeley Lab
MJ Bradley
National Grid
Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance
Rocky Mountain Institute
Wedgemere Group
Nat’l Assoc of Regulatory Utility Comm.
MJ Bradley
Nat’l Assoc. of Energy Service Companies
NH Consumer Advocate
Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships
US DOE – Weatherization/Intergovt Programs
Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
CA Efficiency Demand Mgmt Council
Columbia Gas of Ohio
Smart Electric Power Alliance
Illinois Commerce Commission
Building Performance Assoc
US DOE – Weatherization/Intergovt Programs
Regulatory Assistance Project
US DOE Strgt Priorities & Impact Analy
Building Performance Assoc
Johnson Consulting
Energy Storage Association
Apex Analytics
American Council for Energy Eff Econ
Natural Resources Defense Counsel
Electric Power Research Institute
Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
Opinion Dynamics
Maryland Office of People’s Counsel
Alliance for Transp Electrification
Grid Lab
Vote Solar
Nat’t Assoc of State Energy Officials
Advanced Energy Economy
Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
RI Public Utilities Commission
Nat’l Regulatory Research Institute
Arkansas Public Service Commission