January 2019: Gliding Into the New Year . . . New Case Studies & Resources Help States to Apply the NSPM, by Julie Michals, E4TheFuture

December 2018: NSPM Case Studies are now available.

November 2018: Database of State Efficiency Screening Practices (DSESP) now available from NESP

September 2018: Cost-Effectiveness Testing Needs a Refresh. The “Minnesota Test” Could be Just the Thing. by Gregory Ehrendreich, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

June 2018: Staying Cool with the NSPM: States Wade into Deeper Waters, by Julie Michals, E4TheFuture

June 2018: National Standard Practice Manual in Practice: Arkansas Review of its Cost-Effectiveness Policies, by Kate Lee, Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance

February 2018: NSPM References page goes live. See monthly updates covering North American references of the manual.

December 2017: Taking Stock: NSPM Makes Quiet Inroads, by Julie Michals, E4TheFuture

August 2017: Pollinating a Framework for Cost-Effectiveness Testing, by Julie Michals, E4TheFuture

June 2017: A New Lens for Assessing Cost-Effectiveness, by Julie Michals, E4TheFuture

May 2017: New standard practice manual for cost-effectiveness is an indispensable resource, by Martin Kushler, ACEEE

May 2017: Press release announcing the manual’s publication.