The National Standard Practice Manual for Energy Efficiency (NSPM for EE)

The National Standard Practice Manual for Assessing Cost-Effectiveness of Energy Efficiency Resources (NSPM for EE) was published in 2017. The NSPM for EE provides a comprehensive framework for cost-effectiveness assessment of energy resources, with a focus on energy efficiency.

To support the balanced assessment of resource cost-effectiveness, the manual provides a set of policy-neutral, non-biased, and economically-sound principles, concepts, and methodologies. The manual is intended for use by parties involved in identifying the full range of efficiency resources whose benefits exceed their costs, to inform which resources to acquire to meet a jurisdiction’s specific goals, standards, and/or targets.

See links below to download the NSPM for EE and supporting documents.

• Download the Executive Summary
• Download the full National Standard Practice Manual
• Download the 3-page NSPM Overview
• Download the Summary NSPM Presentation for an overview of the NSPM and supporting resources
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NSPM for EE — Authorship and Development

The NSPM is authored by five national experts on energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness testing:

Tim Woolf, Synapse Energy Economics
Chris Neme, Energy Futures Group
Marty Kushler, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
Steve Schiller, Schiller Consulting
Tom Eckman, Consultant (formerly with Northwest Power & Conservation Council)

The NSPM appreciates and thanks the Review Committee for their input and comments on the draft NSPM for EE. The NSPM for EE was further informed by the NESP Advisory Committee.

The NSPM development was funded by E4TheFuture, a nonprofit organization that serves as current coordinator and manages NESP’s publications.